My name is Yvonne Davenport-Perkins. I am a life coach, COO of a consulting firm in New York City, wife and mother of 3. I have over 15 years’ experience in Business and Project Management, I am an organizational specialist and expert planner.


Outside of my career and professional aspirations, I am a student of life and have gained the most experience from my interactions and relationships with others. Every connection I cultivate gives me new perspective, allows me to help another person or teaches me a valuable lesson I would not have learned otherwise. I realize that the narratives we create - of what success looks like, of what we should do and the roles to which we should adhere - only help in creating a personal prison. It gives my life meaning to be able to help others rewrite those narratives and create long lasting change in their own lives.

In envisioning the future of LifeCode, I have created an intensive personal development framework that provides clarity for those on a quest to live their best lives and better understand H.T.M.L. I work with my clients to maximize their impact in four key areas: Personal, Relationships, Professional and Community. Each key area has 4 pillars, or a CODE, to support it.