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My name is Yvonne Davenport-Perkins. I am a life coach, New York City native, wife, homeschooler and mother of 3 young men. I have over 15 years’ experience in Business and Project Management, I am an organizational specialist and expert planner.


I first developed the idea for LifeCode in 2018. I was consumed with this idea of the life I could lead if I hadn't been exposed to these antiquated notions of what success looks like, how a woman and mother should behave, whether I should work a traditional 9-to-5 or start something for myself.  And then I thought about the millions of other people also caught in this same trap of keeping up appearances. I thought, what could I bring I bring to the world that would help others to determine H.T.M.L. - How To Make a Life? And so the idea and the framework was born. 


I've worked in the corporate arena for almost 20 years now and the lessons I've gained from my experiences in education, the health industry and diversity & inclusion consulting have given me enough knowledge to write a book. But beyond that, I am a student of life and have gained the most experience from my interactions and relationships with others. Every connection I cultivate gives me a new perspective, allows me to help another person, or teaches me a valuable lesson I would not have learned otherwise. I realize that the narratives we create - of what success looks like, of what we should do and the roles to which we should adhere - only help in creating a personal prison. It gives my life meaning to be able to help others rewrite those narratives and create long lasting change in their own lives. This is the work I was born to do. This is what keeps me up at night, wakes me up early and gives me the drive to create something much bigger than myself.

In envisioning the future of LifeCode, I have created an intensive personal development life design framework that provides clarity for those on a quest to live their best lives and better understand H.T.M.L. I work with my clients to maximize their impact in four key areas of life: Personal, Relationships, Professional and Community. Each key area has 4 pillars, or a CODE, to support it. It is my mission to create a population of "Coders": people who've taken the very brave step of living their lives to the fullest, defining success on their terms and achieving their most ambitious goals to leave their mark on this world.