Creating SPARK Goals

The first week of 2021 has come and gone, but not without some chaos to remind us of the ridiculousness that was 2020. I wrote in a recent post my thoughts on tough times don't last but tough people do. Much like any life-changing event, events transpire that seem to stop everything in its tracks, but the world keeps turning, and we all wake up the next morning (God willing).

But it got me thinking about what I could offer to those who may feel disillusioned by the year thus far, who've had no luck with new years' resolutions and January goal setting in the past.

Enter the SPARK goal framework.

Studies show that goal setting is linked to higher self-esteem and confidence, as well as increasing the likelihood of your success in achieving them. To take it one step further, having a list in mind of your goals isn't enough. You need to write them down and create benchmarks that will see you through to completion.

~ It's not about motivation. It's about discipline. ~

Truth be told, you won't always be motivated to keep working toward your goals. However, if you develop discipline, you understand that you may not have the desire at the moment, but you are committed to the outcome.

So, do your goals create a SPARK? Do they provide clarity on your roadmap, your timelines, your why and push you outside your comfort zone? Let's go through the framework together:

S - Specific

Is your goal focused on the details? You need to make sure everything clearly laid out and that you have a time frame to keep you on track to the finish line.

P - Positive & Present

Don't list what you don't want or will stop doing. Instead, speak positivity into your goals - not just for yourself, but for the world - and use present tense as often as possible.

A - Ambitious

Be sure that the goal makes you STRETCH. Your ambition will come out the more specific you get. Does this commitment make you nervous or anxious? Then you should probably go for it!

R - Reasoning

Why is this goal important to you, at this time? What are the benefits, for you and others (if that applies)? Be sure to list the reasons why this goal has made it on your list, and also to remind yourself with motivation is low and discipline is extra necessary.

K - Kinetic

Kinetic means motion --> make sure your goals are action-oriented and maintain forward momentum toward your desired end. Kinetic is also closely linked to the time frame you've laid out under Specific. Small wins lead to big victories!

What does this look like in action?

Well, one of my biggest goals this year is to start my podcast. Here's what my SPARK goal looks like:

SPARK goals will always end up being longer the more effort and detail you put in, but that just makes the process easier when it comes to benchmarking and achieving them. The main objective is to put as much thought as possible on the front end so that you aren't scrambling when you get closer to your due date.

So what are your goals for 2021, and how can you get them to create a SPARK?

Until next time,