So... what is LifeCode?

The initial spark for LifeCode, was this quote by Neil Postman:

"At its best, schooling can be about how to make a life,

which is quite different from how to make a living."

If we had all been truly educated, we would know how to make a life, not just how to make a living! We wouldn't focus on what others have imagined for us, nor what others expect of us, but would spend time and effort actualizing our wildest dreams, through focused intent and action.


More importantly, we would be able to answer the three following questions with absolute clarity:























The formula ends up being


By asserting your CONFIDENCE and identifying your PASSION, we can set an attainable VISION for your future. Creating actionable steps in each area of the framework will support you in achieving your goals. Each unique LifeCode is compiled through our commitment to help execute your path to success. Not only am I a life coach, I am also an accountability partner. It's my job to HOLD YOU to what you say - to offer support in ways that will enable you to achieve your dreams and maintain forward momentum.


It is my intention to offer support to others and create a community where we can all live the lives we’ve dreamed of. Success looks different from person to person - my mission is to help you determine your code.

So tell you want to learn H.T.M.L.?